Thursday, April 9, 2009

Research Project

Today you will be looking for a topic for your final project and begin gathering information to construct your lesson. Use the link below to determine the topic of you choice. Make sure to approve it with me before you begin researching the topic. Here is a link to our book so you can see all of the topics we have covered.

You may also use the blog to request students create lessons that you may be struggling with. Someone else has a pulse on what you need to know ask them to think about using it for their topic. :-)

See me for any help in determining or researching your topic. I will be providing a rubric and a checklist of needed items for you Monday.

Ms. Leckman

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's In a Pattern

Today you have two tasks.

1. You are going to your web page and downloading your POW. Please read the instructions and then send your answers to our class e-mail. ( Remember you will have to use your e-mail account. I will post your responses on the web page in a power point so you can see your work and others work.

Right click here and open your web page in a new page or new tab.

2. Visit the wiki and add to your page "Two Stage Equations." Last week gave you just enough time to get logged in and started. Please complete your posts as I will be grading your work over the three day weekend. (Remember the Wiki link is on the Home Page. It is on the left side navigation bar.)

Have fun.
Ms. L.

Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5th

Today you will take a quick quiz in Achievement Series. And then you will have a chance to relax and play a bit.

To take the quiz go to:

The site code is:

You have been assigned an assessment randomly. You will need to try both codes of the fallowing codes to access the quiz. I will walk you through signing on. Listen carefully!!!




When you are done, follow this link. Play the game a couple of times and then return to this site and explain your winning and/or losing stratagies. Have fun! ;-)

Don't forget - do your write up in word and SAVE IT! Be sure to type your intials (first and last intial and the period number, before you enter your write up.)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Costly Candy

Here are the costs of two amounts of candy:

One chocolate bar and three lollipops are $9.75.

Two chocolate bars and two lollipops are $9.50.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences. You will need to explain your thinking and explain or show your mathematics for credit.

How much is one chocolate bar?

How much is one lollipop?

How did you find the cost of one lollipop and the cost of one chocolate bar?

Good Luck

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome 8th Grade

Welcome to your blog. I know it isn't very flashy yet. give me some time to get your links going. Here is this weeks POW. Good luck.

Ms. L.

Filling Glasses

If we were to fill a glass with water at a constant rate (for example, 1 cubic inch per minute), we could graph the height of the water in the glass as time goes by.

Suppose we fill the three glasses below in such a manner. Match up each glass with the graph that best describes the height of the water in the glass over time.
Explain why you matched each graph with each glass. Why do you think they belong together?
Extra Credit: Describe, or draw the glass in paint, that would correspond to the leftover graph.

Here are extra credit winners. They did draw the final glass correctly. Although there were many submissions, everyone seemed to forget the glass needed to come back in at the top.

MV's ex cr

Here is AL's ex cr:

Here is MW's ex cr: